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We use Html View Define to arrange the columns in 2-row display. You can work around it by using the View Cell Formatting event: Hello Jack, Regarding: 1.In this case, the row indicator and the columns will overlap with each other when the user scrolls the grid horizontally. I have updated your Telerik points for this bug report. Cell Validating event occurs only when a cell value is changed.Here is a sample: Here, we access new row cell values by using the Data Row Info property, which contains the row that is being added.

Begin Edit(True) End If End Try End Sub My new problem is: I enter some thing in the dgv and press enter. When user inputs an invalid value for a cell, we can use Error Text to show an error message in the Row Header Column.Please, don't hesitate to write me if you have further questions.Best wishes, Jack the Telerik team hi What is the event fired when esc button pressed twice in rad gridview in winforms and Is there a away to check if the first row of the grid (row index [-1]) has a data in its cells and still not entered to new row thanksbutton is Key Press.I would prefer to to just pinpoint cell(s) with errors and ensure that the user can't continue until they are corrected. 'checking whether everything is correct 'if not an exeption is thrown Catch ex as Exception e.

Private Sub Cell Validating(By Val sender as Object, By Val e as Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Handles DGV. Cancel = True '(its totally working fine now - thanks for explanation) My. In my initial test to achieve what the OP was asking for, I did notice however that I was not able to close the form when on a cell that was incorrect. At first I was going to try to overcome this but then I don't really think I would write something like this and take away the functionality of the grid so I didn't bother with it. Cancel needs to be set to True (ie, Cancel the validation) Have you set a breakpoint to ensure that wrong Input is True? And the wrong value is deleted from the Data Grid View right after checking. But is it possible to set the wrong value to a value that is accepted by the Cell Validating Event? I mean i have to check the input to see if its correct havent i?It may be skipping over the If block In a simple test I did, it didn't seem to interfere, but I do agree that in a case like this I would rather get the errortext instead of a messagebox popping up. Or is that the way with lots of code and work x D ? However, if Rad Grid View is in edit mode on first key press, the Cell End Edit event will be fired and on the second key press the Key Press event will be fired.