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We installed camera with a good view of the front door.

To aid us in dealing with your query please choose the most relevant subject from the drop down field below and try to give as much information as possible in the text box.If you have a support related query please visit our Technical Support website.Another thing I wished was the ability to have an inboard battery option.There is a feature for 24h monitor for a few dollars a month, which is seems to overwrite daily.With models that capture video, give you two-way audio, and record in 1080p HD, there’s a camera for every home. Hopefully it will never be put to the test with real burglars,.

Read More Monitor your home from any internet enabled device with the Motorola FOCUS85 remote Wi Fi camera. The picture quality is not great, but for the price it does an adequate job.

This camera is OK for the price but I will mainly point out the cons that I found. -Nice app but you have to pay for cloud storage to access recordings.

I bought two and ultimately returned both but I will say that you get what you pay for.

It features sound, motion, and temperature sensors, and can alert you to any activity via notifications to your mobile device. Setup was not difficult and works as advertised onto my cell phone. This camera is no nonsense for those who seek a dependable security feature that will detect motion and advise you, monitor day and night and give you remote control from anywhere in the world. The video on this camera is fair at best, I kept thinking maybe I was expecting to much until I started searching the net for actual footage of other cameras.

Stream live 720p HD video to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and remotely control pan, tilt, and zoom functions. I wanted it to be able to view and also monitor the temperature in the house. Any little movement will send me a notification.... Of course the resolution is not broadcast quality, but bear in mind that for that price, you cannot expect to see the pimples on your teenager's face when he's partying with his friends... Needless to say I returned this and bought a Logi circle, the cost difference was well worth the upgrade, and what you lose in motorization you make up for with the wide angle lens. Even with blazing internet speeds the movement is choppy at best.

there is no fine control for the pan zoom tilt features , this makes it hard to narrow the view to a specific spot .