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I bought one of those battery operated human razors with a trimmer on the other end, I use that to shave around his eyes and has worked well.when we got sparky, we were told by the breeder that she had to take him back from a buyer, and that he was only 13weeks old.Around this time Arista records signed The Jeff Healey Band and the first album, released 1988, featured the hit single "Angel Eyes" and the song "Hideaway," which was nominated for the Best Instrumental Grammy Award.

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The starch turns to sugar in the body which feeds the yeast creating an over abundance of bad yeast in the body. the 2nd mini was 6 this August, his name is Sparky. since hubby and I are both disabled vets and pinch pennies, I've learned to take care of most everything except emergencies.In the meantime what one can do for the ears is add a little vinegar to the ear cleaner and give the ears a good flushing out. That has to be done from the inside out by changing diet. Both are from different breeders, but they have the same grandfather. I have read most of the posts for asking/answering questions and can share some things I've learned in the last 7 years.For the first month, my husband couldn't get near him, or any other male.We think he had been abused/kicked or something by a man. There is an unsolved issue we have and it's not life threatening, but he does this thing the vet calls star gazing.I have the kind used for ingesting, so if they lick it, it's ok. I haven't gotten up the nerve to pull ear hair yet, so I keep them clean and Aloe Vera gel helps sooth irritation. I have researched this disease and learned what to watch for, so far do good.

when Capi was about 2, I got a call from the breeder I got her from, told me that capi's mother had been diagnosed with AIHA-auto Immune hemolytic anemia. Both minis never get people food scaps, except apples, carrots and the like. I love Schnauzers and have been breeding them for over a decade. Our dogs are kept in our home and treated as pets, kept up-to-date on shots and provided good veterinary care. Then suddenly ALL of my dogs were having yeast ear infections which I knew was something they could not catch from each other AND most but not all were licking and vigorously gnawing at the pads of their feet. So in order to figure out what to avoid in my next food, I had to figure out what was causing the problem. He has little white dots all over his coat on his back. He's coat is beautiful, shiney but I can't seem to get rid of the dandrif like flakes on his back. THE VET CAN CHECK THEN AND SUGGEST SOME FOOD ADDITIVES FOR DRY SKIN IN PUPPIES. See the quality breeding in our Schnauzers at loved visiting and seeing all your sweet Schnauzers. I had been using Wellness dog food for about 2 years with great results. Is there anything I can do for this without giving him a medication? THERE ARE FOOD ADDITIVES THAT CAN HELP HYDRATE SKIN, FIRST YOU HAVE TO BE SURE HE DOES NOT HAVE A SKIN DISEASE SINCE WE DON'T KNOW WHERE HE CAME FROM. HE SHOULD BE GOING TO THE VETS FOR A CHECK UP IF SHE JUST GOT HIM OR 2ND SET OF VACS. Well, when the bumps started I had been exploring so called premium foods.First of all, Wellness was bought out by a new company and sadly sooooo many things were added to the ingredient list that wasn't there before which made it impossible to narrow down by comparison. SOMETIMES A LITTLE TINY BIT OF VEGETABLE OIL OR OLIVE OIL ON HIS FOOD WILL HELP WITH THE DRY SKIN. EVEN WITH A GOOD GRADE SHAMPOO IT STILL CAN BE DRYING TO A PUPPY'S SKIN.I initially had them both on wellness formula, until Capi started those episodes again.