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Let me take you to your changing table and check your adult diaper for any whoopsies.

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For good measure, my daughter and I also Face Time her around dinnertime.

A rational person might assume my mom lives in California and we talk incessantly by phone because we miss each other terribly and don’t have the luxury of hanging out in real life.

But there is no room for reason in this highly emotional equation: In fact, she lives an hour away on Long Island, and we see each other almost every week, because she watches my daughter on Fridays (my mom is to us as Marian Robinson is to the Obamas).

Still, we continue to have a lot, or a whole lot of nothing, to say to each other on a daily basis.

You especially like when abdl mommy rubs your back until your sleeping peacefully in my arms.

Your such a wonderful baby, I am going to give you some extra special surprises that will light up your little face.Then, I’ll regale her with mundane tales absolutely no one else in the world but she would care about: the latest developments in potty training; who I’m currently hating on Facebook.Call three might come down around lunchtime, when she has five minutes to kill and wants to provide a blotter of her recent Target purchases.The timeless truth is that I constantly call my mom because she’s my best friend, and because, even though I’m a mom myself, I still need her, possibly more than ever. and willing to cut anyone who crosses her family.) Courtney said it best when she said of Carla: “She’s the truest sounding board I could hope for.” Adult women can seem more acutely aware than their 16-year-old selves that having a mom to talk to—and mercilessly stalk—every day is a gift.(My mom is like the lovechild of Oprah and Caroline Manzo from —fiercely loving, wise, blunt . “My mom once told me, ‘Do you know how lucky you are that you get to hear your mother’s voice?Call Candy 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy!