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An East Indian fella approaches her and says, “Dougs’ talk to mih nah”.I’m sure that sounds like the start of a very bad joke, but in the reality it was the start of my Saturday night just a few weeks ago.It is estimated that there are as many Guyanese living overseas as they are in Guyana They are spread out far and wide to almost every country on the planet This blog was created to chronicle the news and and stories of the Diaspora CCH Pounder - the initials stand for Carol Christine Hilaria - was born in Georgetown, Guyana.

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The word itself comes from the Hindi word dogala (I personally think dougla sounds better), and it translates to the words ‘mix’, ‘many’ and ‘much’ on the positive side or on the negative side, ‘bastard’, ‘illegitimate’ and ‘son of a whore’ (I am not making this up, check Wikipedia if you don’t believe me).

Douglas in T&T though, seem to have it nice; their mixed looks are usually enviable, as is their demand by the opposite sex.

The dougla dilemma may be that in order to fit in, in a society like ours, they need to choose one or the other.

Yet, standing on the outside looking in, I can’t see that a choice needs to be made.

To me, whether Afro-Trini, Indo-Trini, Chinese-Trini, Syrian-Trini, and the list goes on (fus’ we cosmopolitan), it could take forever to list the variations of Trinis.

To so-called identify yuhself, splitting would need to occur.

FRUSTRATINGBut the lack of awards does get somewhat frustrating, Pounder said in a recent phone interview.'Sometimes, it bothers me that I haven't won an Emmy.

I've got nominations for many awards, and yet I don't win.'It can be tiring listening to the roll call of names, only to find out you're not the winner. I'm getting used to this.'Still, she said, it would be lovely to win an Emmy in her lifetime.'I would be very angry if I was given a post-humous Emmy.'Awards or not, Pounder insisted that she has always loved and enjoyed acting despite her family's initial disapproval.

However, in typical Trini style, we like to do we own thing.

So the half Japanese girl down the street gets called dougla as well; that way no one gets left out.

I was in Chaguanas once when I heard, what I assumed was an Indo-Trini woman calling another the dreaded word, dare I say it, coolie. Firstly, because the word coolie is as played out as bell-bottomed pants, secondly because these were adults and should know better, thirdly because I’m from the West and we like to believe we’re too cool for racism. After taking a closer look (yes I was macoing) I realized that the first woman, the one with the dirty mouth was mixed.