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Cochise and Snow were able to defeat the Boppers, and made their way to the Roman Disco, where they confronted the Boppers lieutenant Reggie and interrogated him to learn that the leader of the Boppers was Big Moe.

In search of Big Moe, Cochise and Snow made their way to The Pocket pool hall, where they defeated another group of Boppers and then interrogated lieutenant Boxcar to learn that Moe could sometimes be found at The Black Cat, a nearby strip club.

The female members of the gang do not appear by themselves or outside of the Boppers' main hangouts, and they are overall less aggressive than the male members, only joining in fights if they must.

On May 20, 1979, the Boppers battled the Judas Bunch in Harlem, and emerged victorious. Their only appearance in the film was in the opening sequence as an one of many attending gangs in the big meeting, they are seen walking down a subway platform. When Cochise and Snow go to Harlem to get a size nine Bopper's hat for Cochise's initiation into the Warriors.

They appear in the cutscene for the mission All-City where they talk with a Riff about Cyrus' meeting.

The Boppers are a fictional New York City gang in 1979.

Although they are a softer set that grooves with style instead of muscle, they are tough enough to keep other gang colors off their turf.

They separated four-day-old pups from their mothers and counted the number of times they cried out.

Researcher Margaret Mc Carthy said: ‘Based on our observations, we postulate higher levels of Foxp2 in girls and higher levels of Foxp2 in male rats is an indication that Foxp2 protein levels are associated with the more communicative sex.’Studies have shown that the female love of chit-chat begins at a young age.

Several more groups of Boppers were defeated by Cochise and Snow as they made their way to The Black Cat; at the strip club, Cochise and Snow paid a performer named Debbie until she revealed that Moe was attending a party at Club 45.

Cochise and Snow made their way to the club, where they used Debbie's pass to get into the party. later mentioned this battle on the gang radio station.

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In the club, Cochise and Snow confronted Big Moe, who challenged them to a battle on the dance floor. On June 30, 1979, the Boppers battled the Jones Street Boys in Bensonhurst. See also: The Warriors, Desperate Dudes When Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs called a conclave of New York City's street gangs, the Boppers were one of the gangs that were invited to the meeting.