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He got sent to so many eliminations and kept shooting his way back into the house – I remember having a lot of respect for him. I wish JJ Racaza and Tara Poremba could have made it, but they had personal commitments back when the competition took place in August and September 2012.But we’ve got plenty of top tier shooters, so it is going to be one exciting Season 5.

About Chris Cheng: After winning History Channel’s Top Shot competition, Chris Cheng left a cushy job at Google to go have some fun as a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops.Chris shoots in USPSA, IDPA, and 3-gun competitions across the country, and visit Bass Pro stores for appearances and weapons demos.Littlejohn finished in 16th, Kwan finished in 14th, Sumpter finished in 13th, Franco finished in 12th, and Bethards finished in 5th, meaning that Season 4 was the only season without a representative in the finale.. Target size decreases from 10" at the top to 4.5" at the bottom. Players are ranked by distance to the center of the bullseye; odd and even ranks join the Blue and Red Teams, respectively.First team to eliminate all 8 rows wins."Sidecar Shootout Challenge": While riding in a motorcycle sidecar, fire at 10 targets from 15-25 yards. Higher number of hits wins; ties are broken by fewer total rounds fired.

No practice sessions were held for the preliminary and team challenges.

The trainer for the elimination challenge was Garry James, historical firearms expert and former United States Army ordnance officer."In the Trenches Challenge": Crawl through sand under 40 feet of barbed wire, then jump into a trench and fire at separate sets of 7 targets from 100-150 yards.

One shooter per target; the next shooter cannot start onto the course until the current target has been hit.

Once a shooter's wheel passes a marker on the track, he/she may switch to slugs.

First shooter to get his/her wheel to the other end wins."Crossbow Shootout Challenge": From 20 yards, pairs of shooters (one per team) fire at separate sets of 8" targets on rotating wheels.

Each shooter then goes to the back of the line for the weapon he/she did not use.