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But they married within months — although Cher filed for divorce from four days later only to reconcile with him — and their son Elijah Blue was born in 1976.

The marriage unravelled due to Allman’s heroin addiction.

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Meryl Streep introduced them and Cher took him as her date to the 1984 Academy Awards, where she was nominated for her role in Silkwood.It was only in 2008 that Cher revealed she’d had a secret relationship with the then relatively unknown Tom Cruise, who was 23 at the time.CLAUDIA CONNELL looks back at all the other men in her eventful love life ...Sixteen years old and having just left home, Cher met a 25-year-old Warren Beatty, already an established movie star, in a nightclub.Cher said: ‘He might spend the night with other women, I also have a very masculine attitude to dating, but Gene is the one I’m crazy about.’ They split amicably after he fell for Diana Ross.

At the time he was an unknown actor who’d just landed a part in the Tom Cruise blockbuster Top Gun.Now drug-free, he is about to marry his seventh wife.He auditioned as guitarist and got the job — and the girl.She called him ‘a terrible husband’ and said he treated her ‘more like a golden goose than a wife’.But she forgave him enough to give the eulogy at his funeral when he was killed after hitting a tree while skiing.Cher, the woman who once said: ‘The trouble with some women is they get all excited about nothing — and then marry him,’ is set to marry a former Hell’s Angel.