Chinese kisses dating

was the very first dating service to target Chinese singles that have a college education.

However, some users complain that the credits seem to run out faster than they should and that using the translation services is extremely expensive.Some have even complained they suspected fraudulent activity from the site.There are many girls registered on who are supposed to be searching for a real and lasting relationship but it’s not as many women as you would expect for a dating service.The main complaint about this site is that the gallery for the men can be viewed even when someone is not logged on.Members complain the site is full of scammers and the company does not take any steps to warn members or to remove these users from the site.

The website itself is very hard to use and very confusing.

It’s free to sign up but in order to use all of the services like watching videos, you must be a paid member.

It caters mainly to those searching for a long term relationships and specializes in connecting Western men with Chinese women.

They are known for being a good, dependable site that can help you find the partner you seek whether you’re looking for a good friend or someone to marry.

is a free dating service that you don’t hear a lot about.

This site is not recommended for those searching for a real, lasting relationship.