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Because acids were thought at the time to necessarily contain oxygen, a number of chemists, including Claude Berthollet, suggested that Scheele's dephlogisticated muriatic acid air must be a combination of oxygen and the yet undiscovered element, and Scheele named the supposed new element within this oxide as muriaticum.

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The solubility of chlorine in water is increased if the water contains dissolved alkali hydroxide, and in this way, chlorine bleach is produced.

Chlorine oxidizes bromide and iodide salts to bromine and iodine, respectively.

However, it cannot oxidize fluoride salts to fluorine.

It makes a variety of interhalogen compounds such as the chlorine fluorides, chlorine monofluoride (Cl F), chlorine trifluoride (Cl F Chlorine is used extensively in organic chemistry in substitution and addition reactions.

It’s quite possible that a more nuanced, complex, pointed and satisfying (not to mention timely) original screenplay died the death of a thousand tiny cuts to make “Chlorine” work on its drastically curtailed post-Katrina budget and shooting schedule. Camera (color, HD), Jamie Kirkpatrick; editors, David Leonard, Amela Baksic; music, Jay Lifton, Taylor Mc Lam, Jay Della Valle; music supervisor, Nick Stumpf; production designer, Paul J.

The results don’t feel disjointed so much as oddly undernourished and a bit toothless for what’s intended as a bold (mostly) comic expose. Daley; art director, Chris Trujillo; set decorator, Marylynn Piotrowski; costume designer, Shannon Makhanian; sound, Bill Donnelly; assistant director, Joseph Aspromonti.Along with fluorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine, chlorine is a member of the halogen series that forms the group 17 (formerly VII, VIIA, or VIIB) of the periodic table.Chlorine forms compounds with almost all of the elements to give compounds that are usually called chlorides."pale green") is the chemical element with atomic number 17 and symbol Cl.It is the second lightest halogen, found in the periodic table in group 17.Chlorine gas reacts with most organic compounds, and will even sluggishly support the combustion of hydrocarbons.