City cnvlz investing liquidating trust

Our management team is composed of individuals whose careers have been devoted to a value oriented opportunistic real estate investment strategy.Management seeks to earn high risk adjusted returns by targeting for acquisition assets which we believe are undervalued and/or exhibit the potential for superior growth.

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Due to structural factors associated with non-transferable assets, shares of Winthrop have declined significantly ahead of the company's pending delisting from the NYSE due to forced institutional and index selling.Currently priced at .64 per share, investors stand to receive over .80 in cash once the remainder of Winthrop's portfolio is wound up, a 25% premium over the quoted price.After coming to the conclusion that the company was better off being liquidated in 2014, the management of Winthrop has taken steps to divest assets and satisfy most of the company's outstanding liabilities while paying a large collection of special dividends out to the shareholders.Now, the final act is about to commence and the equity of Winthrop will be delisted and exchanged for non-transferable units in a liquidation trust in slightly more than one month.Currently, we own a diverse group of properties, loans, securities and other real estate related assets.

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What Winthrop Realty Does (or more appropriately, Did) (Quoted text courtesy of Google Finance) Winthrop Realty Trust operated as a REIT with several lines of business, including direct property ownership, joint ventures and loans.

In 2014, the company adopted a plan of liquidation and ceased making new investments or acquisitions.

Winthrop Realty Trust is preparing for the final phase of its liquidation after gradually divesting assets for several quarters and paying off debt and senior obligations.

In the first week of August, shares of Winthrop will be exchanged for non-transferrable units in a liquidating trust which will disburse proceeds from Winthrop's orderly liquidation to investors.

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