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This site is awful, from the massive amounts of fake profiles to the truly horrific real profiles.

If you can find what you’re looking for on Collar, we’re shocked—and a little disgusted.

Having reviewed many alternative and adult dating websites over the years, we're familiar with...

Honestly, LA has a ton of events and a large community. Bitching about the fakes on a website when you live in the LA area is like bitching about the driving experience of "Need for Speed" while you have a Ferarri parked in the driveway.Collar Me bondage site, Collar Me ratings, Collar Me review, Collar Me scam, is Collar Me any good, is Collar Me for real, is Collar Me legit, online bondage dating sites, scam bondage dating sites, sites like Collar Me, worst bondage dating sites Collar is as close to a joke site as you can get while you’re looking at a fetish and Bondage website.Almost 20 years ago, Sexy shook up the nascent world of adult dating by providing users with a forum where they could post their specifically explicit personal ads.Today, the site has moved on from the traditional personal ads model to more of an online community, BDSM Sexy Ads, where alternative daters can hang out, get to know one another and maybe even take things further. The Passions Network aim to provide a place for people of each and every conceivable passion to come together and share it with other equally enthused members.On either of those sites, you’ll have a hell of a lot better time than Collar—and you’ll probably come into contact with fewer people that make you want to try your luck at the bars again.

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Alternative Adult Dating Sites of 2017.

It will be interesting to see whether Fetlife rises or falls in...

initially caught our attention as it is one of the only such services that is free.

That said, you'll find doms and subs at Fetster, mainly female, who charge for their services.

Much like, the site acts more like an online community for fetish enthusiasts rather than a traditional "dating" service.

With their light, chatty and funny style, Fetlife takes third spot in our top ten list of the best alternative adult dating websites.