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View Demo Details & Download View Demo Details & Download Rocketeer is a viral media script that will allow your users to create polls, quizzes, upload images, share videos, & create memes.It was built with Angular JS & completely utilized AJAX to load content and save bandwidth.View Demo Details & Download Facebook Multi Page/Group Poster (FBMPGP) is the easiest yet a very powerful way of publishing to unlimited Facebook Pages and Groups.

View Demo Details & Download View Demo Details & Download Boomchat is a userfriendly easy to install php chat script that includes lot of uniques features.View Demo Details & Download Social Meet Script is a Tinder Style script, it is a social site in which you can get to flirt with people.Settings – Manage Everything Profile Settings (update your profile) Groups Settings (manage groups settings) Change Profile name (you can change aways your name) Change profile password (change your password if you want new) Black List (add members to black list if you not want they to view your profile Delete your profile forever (our system will delete all your history , images , files and etc..don’t wory we are not information collectors Closed Profile (Great function yes ?Here in this post we have collected a list of top 10 PHP Social Network scripts Social Engine is the best way to create your own social website or online community.

To use this you don’t need any coding or design skills.

It comes with a lot of features that you can find on most of the dating websites.

It also has a complete admin area to easily manage the different parts of the website.

So you might get introduced to a friend of a friend when you're out socialising.

Social networks can be of help if after you've already been introduced in real life, you then find the friend of a mate on the social network and 'oh I don't know if you remember me but we met in the park last Saturday' etc etc and you may start to strike up your own friendship which could lead to a date.

View Demo Details & Download View Demo Details & Download News Maker is social network and CMS for gathering user-generated content.