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How had one of the oldest libations ever produced by humans — dating back to the BC era, recorded on the palimpsests of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia — escaped us?

We decided to learn all we could about craft beer; there was no better locale than Corvallis.

Some of them can be tapped directly from the cellar to the bar.

Jeffrey was an amateur brewer and he happened to have his wares on hand. He had just stocked up at the Corvallis Brewing Supply, the ultimate fermentation supply shop for the DIY beverage enthusiast.

“Some beers take a minimum of two weeks to brew; others, as long as a year.” “Why do you think there is such a desire for craft beers? “A lot of it relates to breweries bringing back old styles of beer that had died off, like the wild and sour beers. The styles Chris was talking about require brewing naturally through barrels, which is inherently unpredictable (and a process many modern brewers avoid). We listened to the beer aficionados wax poetic about a beverage that used only four main ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast. It was getting late and he was making an ingredients list from Jeffrey’s recommendations.

That’s why some beers take months to ferment and can take years to mature. We spent the remainder of our weekend touring the rest of the downtown breweries, talking with every brewer we could find.Corvallis is considered a small-yet-potent epicenter of craft beer, with four breweries located in the heart of downtown and two others just a few miles outside the core.Oregon State University even has its own pilot brewery as part of their Food Science program. I understood why Riverfront Park is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Corvallis.“There’s something really satisfying about being a part of a tradition that has been around for thousands of years.” “Even if we are only sharing its pleasures,” I said.“Corvallis seems to be a cradle of civilized living, wouldn’t you say? After a day of trail running, shopping, sharing a Spanish-inspired tapas lunch at the upscale Del Alma’s overlooking the river, followed by our now customary craft brew tasting, I couldn’t agree more. Craft Beer Weekend Saturday, July 25 Corvallis Beer Week Friday, September 11 – Saturday, September 19 Corvallis Craft Features more than 45 fantastic craft beer events and beer sampling.The brewery is used for teaching, research, product development, and, of course, the fun part: ingredient testing. ” he said, not entirely joking, as he closed the trunk of the car. It bustles with life in spring and summer with farmer’s market energy and color, street musicians and multi-generational fun.