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See more ยป There were so many factors that made me smile all through the movie.

When I bought a ticket along with my sister, I entered the theather's doors not knowing what to expect.

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Jones has also been listed as a producer for Mc Fly's 6th studio album, which is due to be released in 2013.He has also produced countless demos for his band, alongside Fletcher.I have loved watching Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls and Chris Pine in the Princess Diaries 2, but seeing them together in one movie was bliss.Although you don't see Ashlee(Lohan) and Jake(Pine)communicate until like 30 minutes into the movie, you can't help but try and push them into a FAITHFUL situation.They temporarily moved into the Inter Continental Hotel in London, United Kingdom (UK). Drummer Judd and bassist Poynter were subsequently recruited through an advertisement placed by Fletcher and Jones in NME magazine.

Jones, working with his fellow band members, has co-written all five of Mc Fly's studio albums.Jones has appeared alongside his Mc Fly bandmates in numerous TV shows. Mc Fly also appeared in Hollyoaks Jones has appeared with Mc Fly at many televised music events, including T4 on the Beach and the first and second annual Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards.In January 2005, they guest-starred in an episode of the long-running British drama series Casualty, and in 2007 made a cameo in the Doctor Who episode "The Sound of Drums". They also starred in the teen comedy film Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine.Jones also takes the role of lead guitarist in most performances, with Fletcher playing rhythm guitar.He can be seen performing solos in songs such as "That Girl", "I Wanna Hold You", "Everybody Knows", and "Transylvania".He also penned three of his own solo tracks on the first three Mc Fly albums.