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Next thing you know, publishers were contacting the four creators of the Dating a Banker Website and hoping to sign them to a book deal.

Dating a Banker Anonymous – Reaction This caused a sensation, as you might imagine.Readers of the New York Times flooded the paper’s editors with venomous attacks on Dating a Banker Anonymous.Instead of a "safe place" that is "free from the scrutiny of feminists," the blog could more correctly situate itself as a priveledged place, free from the scrutiny of the poor.Dawn Spinner Davis, 26, a beauty writer, said the downward-trending graphs began to make sense when the man she married on Nov.It's not that I don't sympathize on a certain level-- layoffs and a tough economy definitely put stress on relationships, and people in certain industries are much more likely to feel like they're next on the chopping block.

If you think bankers have got it tough on Wall Street as the economy crashes around them then spare a thought for their poor little rich girl WAGs.

It was billed as a blog and support group for Wall Street's saddest cases: the once pampered young women forced to adjust to life without bottle service, Bergdorf Goodman accounts and boom-time sex—the collateral damage caused by thousands of points vanishing in a blink from the Dow.

Last month, Dating a Banker Anonymous broke out as the hated, irresistible Website du jour, and it has earned its self-pitying, gold-digging authors some national press, not to mention promises from Hollywood agents of a "Real Housewives"–style media franchise. Crowell and Petrus fill the blog with a liberal mix of their own experiences, anecdotes from girls they meet out on the town and stories from people who e-mail the site, which they make no effort to verify.

The blog seems to serve two functions for the DABAs stuck in middling relationships with FBF's (Financial-Guy Boyfriends): The first function—-women helping women—-won't find a detractor here.

The second, while annoying, is less a gender equity issue than a class one.

Supporting their greedy husbands in boom time came easy with a platinum credit card and a house in the Hamptons but the privileged princesses have found the pressures of tightening the purse strings, and the strains it puts on their relationship, so hard they've set up Dating a Banker Anonymous.