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While it may toe the line of acceptability, it certainly doesn’t cross it.

Finally, they’re probably just not getting any right now and are jealous of your hot brother’s wife’s cousin action.

In other parts of the world, marrying your first cousin is socially acceptable; in the United States, it's a bit more taboo.

A year ago, I drooled into a vial and put it in a mailbox.

A month later, I learned that I have a 25 percent chance of developing psoriasis and that I’m 0.01 percent South Asian.

Health Risks to Offspring The assumption that children of first cousins are likely to suffer from health problems has been around for centuries, Bittles says.

"Although there has been a tradition of cousin marriage among royalty, major land-owning families and some business dynasties, the highest rates of consanguinity [cousin marriage] are actually among the rural poor whose general health status often is marginal," he says.

I regularly receive invitations to share profiles with other members, including an adopted woman who told me that I — really, my thumbnail picture on the site — was the first person in her family she’d ever seen, which made me cry, because, come on.

Most of the distant cousins I’ve encountered online also happen to be senior citizens.

This is the magic of 23and Me, the genetic testing service that informs its customers as to both their ancestry and health risks (although the latter results are currently suspended).

23and Me also takes advantage of its massive stores of genetic code to connect users who are likely related.

Because society kinda has a responsibility to weigh in.