Dating a ex heroin addict

xxx Hi everyone, this is my first post so you may have to bear with me! One of my best friends of over 10 years has a very long history of depression and self harming, it came to a head last Christmas when she almost died from an overdose.

If it does then they usually have a stable partner behind them not a partner who has a whole bunch of their own issues.Usually dating people from a support group of this type is discouraged for the reason that it can lead to destructive relationships. Addicts quite often relapse or use another substance to cope when life takes a turn or they don't feel like they're coping that's why it's important to have stable people in their lives.Like you said yourself your friend may get depressed and start using drugs.I hope things do work out for her but I'm skeptical xx I've known addicts, and I don't Think they ever are able to function like normal people again.When she told us about this she said she didn't think she was going to go on a date with him as she had never even known anyone who was involved with any kind of drugs let alone someone who was in the process of getting clean.

However 2 weeks down the line she tells us that they are dating.I am happy for her as she deserves to be truly happy, she had a horrendous break up prior to being in hospital last year (I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back tbh) but I'm really scared that if he has a relapse, or her depression gets worse again then she might end up being involved with Heroin or some other drugs.She has been very cagey about revealing much about this man, all we know is that he was a "heavy user" for (we assume) many years and has currently been clean for 6 months.But let's face it no-one ever left someone because a friend told them to.All you can do is give him the benefit of the doubt and be there no matter what she decides - she'll need some one there who didn't judge her relationship if it does go wrong.And the first few months clean/sober are the most volatile.