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They have the ability to blend conversational and intellectual skills.

They can empathize with their loved ones and help them work through their issues. It is their little corner of the universe where they feel secure and happy.

Not only will it give you a wider context to understanding your monthly (or yearly) horoscopes, but it will also serve up a bevy of lucky days for you to choose from.

True to definition, this can literally mean "on the brink" of a breakthrough.

The Gemini cusp that begins close to Taurus is roughly between May 19 and May 23.

Individuals lucky enough to be born on a cusp date will tend to have the characteristics of both signs. This can be confusing and downright disconcerting to these cusp natives, but it shouldn't be.

Think of the very best traits these two signs have to offer.

For example, you may find yourself upset for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or you may spend a large amount of your time trying to hide feelings of jealousy.

Few people like to contemplate the characteristics they have that aren't particularly pleasant, but doing so can be a wonderful opportunity for growth.It may not sound like much, but truth be told, being able to put some distance between you and your "problems" is a terrific skill to have in your life-coping arsenal.A disadvantage of this particular Gemini cusp may be that others may perceive you as being less than forthright.Before discussing the Gemini cusp, it's helpful to understand about the cusp itself.The dates used to define the length of the zodiac signs are not as rigid as you may think. This is because the sun enters an astrological sign at a set time (this time varies from year to year).Or, they may simply think that you run hot and cold.