Dating a girl coming out of a long relationship plus dize dating

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He said that he couldn't date me seriously because six months ago he got out of a long-term relationship and he's still dealing with it. We're not just hooking up..we're not together either.He's still getting over the girl he thought was The One. I'm so confused, especially because this keeps happening to me.Rather than just agree to go along with the confusing "casual" status, maybe you should take a step back from the relationship and tell him to take some time to figure out what he wants.You can tell him what you would and wouldn't be OK with—as in, "I'm fine with taking things slow, but I don't want to see other people" or whatever your bottom line is—and then give him some space to figure out if he wants that too.Six months might be enough time for some people, but I don't think it's unreasonable for him to still feel confused and lost and sad. Just like I would say to any of you readers, he deserves as much time as he needs to heal.

BUT that doesn't mean he gets to string you along while he does.If he's not convinced that you set your own standard, you definitely shouldn't hang around to be second place to his ex.Dear Eliza, Sorry to say, but there’s not really a one-size-fits-all answer to this question.But of course, there's also the negative: In general, if a guy brings up the fact that he doesn't want a serious relationship with you, he's telling you that for a reason and that can be interpreted pretty clearly.I also That said, I am sympathetic to the enduring trauma of getting over a long-term relationship.I like that you're having fun with him, and he seems like a considerate, caring guy to date.