Dating a platonic friend

Her favorite Catholic writers are Czeslaw Milosz, Miguel de Unamuno, Sr.

Juana Ines de la Cruz, OSH, Shusaku Endo, and Anthony Burgess.

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One thing that certainly made me second-guess the dating process was the intricate, complex and ultimately exhausting process of getting to know a total stranger.

If it is done in the spirit of cynicism and detachment it leads to the dreaded Relationship X-Ray Machine. Obviously, a long-term platonic friend poses none of those challenges.

This type of love has respect, compassion, consideration and empathy built into it.

These are all things we would desire in a relationship, but often, the time and effort required seems daunting.

Shared memories and close, familial ties present another important factor in building a loving bond with someone.

With our platonic friends, we’ve had the chance to build a type of love that is sometimes not present in chemistry-focused relationships: , love in friendship.In fact, relationships based on chemistry often have a more difficult time in building this type of friendship-love.The desire for it alone does not make the process of building it any easier.Think, for instance, of those dorky 7th grade photos.It’s one thing to show them to a romantic partner; it’s a whole other thing to remember the day it was taken.Depending on chemistry One Catholic Match member famously said in the forums that depending on chemistry was like walking a huge, poorly-trained dog: It leads us into all kinds of trouble.