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January is also the dating “sweet spot”, with those who decide to log on to this month 15 per cent more likely to find a match compared to the rest of the year.

Like your hobby of training ocelots to perform circus tricks, or whatever. Smartphones and tablets transformed the way people search for potential partners and romantic relationships.The girls also gave details about how their father was not supportive of them dating outside of their race after representing OJ Simpson.It is sometimes difficult for many people to get along with dating activities due to their tight schedules.Maybe you'd just got out of the shower, caught sight of yourself in the mirror and thought, “Hot damn, I look pretty fly! Don't appear illiterate Spelling and grammar aren't everyone's cup of tea.

” Maybe you were suddenly swept up in the idea of capturing your youthful, Adonis-like body to look back on in your dotage. And if they're not yours, it sure as heck doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness.

You are not chiselling your profile out of a stone tablet, nor are you scribbling it with a quill on a scrap of yellowing parchment.

You wrote it on a smartphone or computer, with predictive text and inbuilt spell check and all the rest.

Or maybe you were weird enough to want to show your future grandchildren how ripped you once were. However, the reality is that a really poor grasp of the English language can be a huge turn-off for women online.

But why, in the name of all that is holy and good, would you put it on a dating site? Also, it simply smacks of laziness in this day and age.

We are all under the permanent pressure of doing things faster and better.