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John Harding, George Boynton and Benjamin Falk were all leading New York artists that were well known for their portraits and especially their use of lighting and positioning of the subject. Willaims is said to have constructed a binaural stethoscope using two bent pipes (since rubber was not yet available) attached to a wood chest piece around 1840.

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Note that the paisley patterned ascot and stickpin in the painting are the same as in the photopgraph.

The portrait was displayed in the President's Gallery at the New York Academy of Medicine.

He also had a model of a soft metal, multiple-tubed stethoscope made by H. Williams claims to have made a binaural stethoscope with lead tubes in 1843.

Landouzy in 1841, which was designed for two people to listen at the same time. Cammann did not claim to have the original idea for a binaural stethoscope, only to have developed a practical instrument that could be used in clinical practice.

His texts on diseases of the heart, respiratory system and manual on percussuoin and auscultation are considered classics. Flint by the New York portraitist photographer Benjamin J.