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While most apps will work on older versions of the i OS system, keeping an up-to date update will guarantee you best performances.In fact, some apps also do not work on older i OS versions (e.g 3.1); therefore you will not be allowed to purchase the app from the app store.When you are purchasing an app from the app store you will notice that the app has several requirements, one of them is compatibility with i OS systems.

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If you've got some applications (apps) on your i Pod that you're not using and you'd like to get rid of them, here's what you have to do.

First, locate the app you want to delete and tap it, pressing down lightly for a few seconds.

It comes pre-installed on your devices when you purchase it from the Apple store.

It is very important that you keep your i OS system up to date in order to have apps run smoothly and also take advantage of the enhancements and the possible bug fixes provided by Apple.

On this example you can see I have the Version 4.3.2 of the i OS system; which is the most most up to date version as of 4/23/2011.

Now that you know how to identify which version you have, now let’s learn about the fact that some apps do not support older version of the i OS system.Tap the Delete button on the dialog box, and the app will disappear.Be aware that there are some apps that come with the i Phone that you can't delete, such as Maps, Safari, Stocks and Weather.What you can do is to move them to another screen so they won't clutter up your prime space.If you delete an app that you paid for and afterward decide you want it back, the app store allows you to download it again for free.Projects, tags, repeating tasks — all at your fingertips.