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Read More If the air is a bit nippy for your mobile, then it’s time to get them a designer case! So let me introduce you to the new section of this websites: cases for phones (i Phones and Samsungs) and tablets (i Pad only for the moment ).In that section I ‘ve made a selection of beautiful cases designed by artists from all...It contains tracks that help you relax, sleep well, focus, visualize, or background music...

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Nowadays, one person in ten suffers from hunger, which represents a total of 795 million people!To reverse this situation, the United Nations, adding to their classic donation system, created the application Share the meal, which has a very user-friendly donation facility enabling it...He started his trip in London, then flew to New York, to have a bite of the “big apple”, and he is now playing in Washington, right now!! The first time I played it, I played it for 4 hours in a row, without even realizing it – and without even noticing when people were talking to me – so be careful, don’t play it too often otherwise it will ruin...Read More Another recipe app you could say, with the usual list of recipes and an option to add them to your favorites, but yet, there is more to this app…Read More It’s while listening to his great sounds that I felt like telling you about him!!!

He’s in his thirties and is enjoying himself in the States as I am writing this. Read More Before getting the application 2048, you have to know what you are getting yourself into: you will start a love-hate relationship with this game, that will drive you crazy!

Read More During these festive days, what else better than an app to mix your music and party and dance along to your favorites tunes?

DJay 2, one of the best DJ apps, allows you to mix your own music in a very intuitive way, to add effects, record, and even mix tracks from Spotify…

which gives you an unlimited amount of choice of music, and lets you groove your nights away like a real DJ! Read More A while ago I tried to prepare sushis at home, and I was happily surprised to realize it wasn’t complicated at all to make!

So then I started to look for an app with sushis recipes, to find out more recipes and different sushis styles then the simple one I made myself…

Read More If you are full of good resolutions but can’t seem to get your butt off the couch to start exercising, well you have no more excuses with the app 7 minute workout.