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Potter quickly recognised the need for marketing merchandise to promote her books. Other related merchandise such as painting books, board games, wall-paper, figurines, and china tea-sets were produced.

Frederick Warne licensed the products earning immense profits for himself and for Potter.

It proved so popular that another 200 copies were required in the next year.

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Beatrix believed that ‘all writers for children ought to have a sufficient recognition of what things look like’. Mr Jackson, the toad in her Mrs Tittle-mouse’s tale sat and .

In a letter she criticized Kenneth Grahame’s description of The Wind in the Willows’s Toad as ‘combing his hair … Potter was a prolific writer Throughout her life Beatrix Potter was a letter-writer and keeper of a journal.

The publishing company, Frederick Warne, became a limited company after 1917.

This means any book with “Limited” or “Ltd” in the company name are printed after 1917 and are therefore reprints.

He agreed to publish eight thousand trade copies with colour illustrations in 1902.

These were quickly followed by a further twenty one illustrated story books.

Her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, was initially written as a letter to the poorly son of her former governess Annie Moore.

She commented that it was was addressed to ‘a real live child … Her tale about “four little rabbits whose names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter” became one of the most notorious children’s letters ever written and launched her career as a storyteller and illustrator.

However, it can be difficult to determine the authenticity of a Potter first edition book.

Frederick Warne used a dating process which is not easily decipherable.

As a young child Potter was fascinated by Edward Lear’s Nonsense Rhymes and Limericks as well as the whimsical writings of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland.