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Since he was a senior, he said he was getting too busy with college stuff and didn't have time to spend with me. I felt like he never gave me the chance to make it work, though at least he ended it as kindly as he could and in person.

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He was definitely my first love, and he told me he was falling in love with me, too.Then wrestling season started at the end of November."I spent two hours to take the train into the city and subway into Brooklyn, and then promptly got broken up with when I arrived at her apartment. She didn't like the way I was trying to view it by putting it close and then pulling it out. "She tried to break up with me, and I was young and naive and stupid and cried about it.I didn't expect that to happen, and then promptly turned around and made that commute back home. I guess she felt bad, so she took me back, but then broke up with me the next day anyway. Like, she asked if we could take separate cars, which was I thought was weird at the time.Seven months later, I'm still not 100% over it, but I'm getting there.

My ex and I never became friends like he said we would after the breakup, but towards the end of the school year, we were at least amiable.

I would have preferred to get dumped from this half-year relationship through a text TBH." — 4. She had a spare key to my apt, and then just snuck in one day while I was at work and took it. So I got broken up with by the same girl twice in 12 hours. "She broke up with me at my dad's 50th birthday party. Then she pulled me aside after dinner and told me it wasn't working and then left ...

Whether you were attached for years or just a few weeks, there's nothing easy about the end of a relationship.

He got distant and would ditch plans to hang out with his friends, and finally, just before Christmas break, I asked him what was going on. He said he just wasn't feeling a spark, but maybe we could try things out again after the season.

He also told me he didn't want to talk anymore, but I already bought his Christmas present.

It started at the end of our sophomore year of high school and ended at the end of our first semester of college.