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Your case can be over in as little as 60 days or it can be over in a few years.The amount of time that it takes for a case to be completely finished depends on the issues that arise in your case.

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After making the decision to get a divorce in Texas, you will have to go through a process that involves meeting residency requirements and having a valid ground for divorce, finding an attorney (unless you decide to proceed without one), preparing and filing your divorce petition, and finalizing the divorce.

Follow the directions below to ensure you give yourself and your spouse the best opportunity at a successful divorce.

Attorneys are professionals and know their field extremely well.

They can offer you their expertise and counsel you through your divorce.

Abandonment requires that one spouse has “left the complaining spouse with the intention of abandonment; and remained away for at least one year.” Felony conviction requires that the other spouse be imprisoned for a year.

Either you can get maintenance or you will have to provide maintenance to your spouse in only two specific circumstances: In determining the “nature, amount duration and manner of periodic payments,” the court will review specific statutory factors.

During this lull, we recommend that parties begin to build a “war chest” by saving money, borrowing from family, or gathering other resources so that once we are ready to go to final trial or to draft the final decree of divorce, the parties will be financially able to proceed.

Whether a party really needs an attorney depends on the facts of the case.

The more issues that clients and the opposing party can agree on, the lower the cost of the divorce.

When discussing whether or not a client can afford to go through a divorce, we often explain to the client that there are highs and lows in a divorce case.

Divorce lawyers can also see issues that may not occur to couples proceeding pro se, such as tax treatment of financial issues surrounding the divorce, issues with exercising possession and access of your children, and even discovery of hidden assets.