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If he has served his sentence and is willing to move on, then perhaps he should have a chance at love.

But before you feel this way for your date, ensure that he is sincere about leading a reformed life.

You may also wish to speak to his counselor if he has been asked by law to go for sessions or his parole officer if he was convicted any time in the past.

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Muhammad Ali The boxer barely graduated from high school and also has a daughter who is dyslexic.

Harry Anderson He played Judge Harry Stone on “Night Court” and was able to deal with his dyslexia enough to be valedictorian on his high school class.

Tim Armstrong Rancid’s singer/guitarist has never had a driver’s license or bank account due to his dyslexia.

Alexander Graham Bell The inventor of the telephone reportedly overcome his dyslexia.

Let him give you his side of the story and listen patiently as he speaks.

If you have already dated several times, he should have come clean from the very start and you are perfectly within your rights to know why he didn’t.Once you have the facts in place, you will be better prepared to take a decision.Confront your partner The most important step of course is to ask your partner what this is all about.You can deduce this by the kind of company he is keeping and his seriousness in getting a job.If your partner is seeing a therapist, has enrolled for a college program or has already found work, it means that he is sincere about joining mainstream society.You may have heard it through the grapevine in your community or workplace; more likely you may have ‘googled’ the guy’s name out of idle curiosity and found out that he was listed as a sex offender or you may have run a background check on your date and come up with his name in a database of registered sex offenders.