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It was also found that the impact increased with the frequency of the emotional abuse [6].

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The lack of accessible affordable housing, inadequate income support, legal aid, and day care prevent a woman from having the resources to live free from abuse. Education Wife Assault [Springtide Resources], Emotional Abuse Focus Group, April 1999.6.

As a result of these and other barriers, an emotionally abused woman usually leaves her partner an average of five times before ending her relationship [9]. Follingstad, D., Rutledge, L., Berg, B., Hause, E., Polek, D., "The Role of Emotional Abuse in Physically Abusive Relationships," , Report of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family, 19.8.

Emotional abuse, just like any other form of abuse, is about power.

Women may exhibit some of the behaviours labeled as abuse, but it is critical to assess whether her actions give her power and make her partner fearful of her.

Unfortunately, women who are emotionally abused often find that their experiences are minimized or misunderstood by those they turn to for help.

In addition, beyond short-term emergency shelters and services, there are few long-term options available to abused women.

Women themselves can also be suicidal as a result of emotional abuse.

Most women indicate that emotional abuse effects them as much, if not more than, physical violence.

They report that emotional abuse is responsible for long-term problems with health, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety [5].