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The management and stripper pressure on you to buy lap dances etc, diminishes 100 fold.

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“Is this another john, or a playboy that I’d like to fuck? Even then, I’m not a big fan of drinking the bottle myself.

Let your friends and the strippers drink the bottle; it’s at no cost to you and while they’ll be stumbling around and trying to spit game, you’ll be razor-sharp and pulling the hottest strippers there.

From your energy, to how you conduct yourself, it’s a completely different ballgame.

Thus, No Drinking and here’s why: -First off, when dealing with professional cash makers, the last thing you need to be is buzzed.

To launch my new book, Stripclub Bible, I’ve chosen this week to give you gents an excerpt from it.

Never has there been a system designed to pick up strippers like the one I have put together.

-Your mental wits being on point is KEY to dealing with strippers. -It’ll make your game that much sharper to have zero reliance on drinking. Leave the booze for that date with the Starbucks Slut, or when you’re in the club with your buddies. -The exception to this rule, is if you have a strip club On-Lock, to the point where they give you a comped bottle.

They are judging you from the moment you walk in from how you carry yourself, to what you say and where you sit. In Vegas strip clubs, I’m comped bottles, which is fine for treating my clients, however, it can take a while to get a strip club On-Lock and generally, a lot of strip clubs don’t do bottle service.

Strippers can be the most elusive girls to pickup, IF you don’t have the proper game to do so.

Without further ado, I present 5 Commandments of Stripclub Game. You always talk about drinking while gaming…” You’re correct in thinking that, but I’m not talking about Club Game right now; I’m talking about Stripclub Game, which is a different animal.

The Number 1 question I get regarding stripclubs, is “Should I spend money on the stripper? You should not buy lap dances, private dances, or any type of physical interaction between the two of you. You are not a john and the moment you spend money on them, you become a customer.