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Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.Quimper faience is produced in a factory near Quimper, in Brittany, France.The Faïencerie d'Art Breton, newly created in 1994, was also established in Quimper, but outside the historical quarter "Locmaria".

Since 1708, Quimper faience ("faïence" in French) is painted by hand, and production continues to this day.

The "Faïenceries de Quimper" were established in "Locmaria", the historical faience quarter of the city of Quimper, near the center.

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If it is possible to capture the sun-drenched harmony of Provence in a single handmade object, Souleo Provence Pottery earthenware would be it.

Produced at a small workshop in Avignon, France, Souleo Provence Pottery is glazed and then each piece hand-painted with the vibrant colors found in the South of France. Since the Middle Ages, the Tuscan town of Scarperia has been a famed center of knives and cutlery production.The "petit breton" became popular around 1870 and is still today the main design bought by tourists.Older Quimper faience items are strongly sought after by collectors worldwide.Exquisite handpainted Quimper Faience china and pottery from Brittany, France.Beautiful handmade Italian majolica ceramics and pottery from Deruta, Umbria and Sicily, Italy. Traditional Lady Clare Placemats, Coasters & Waste Paper Bins.Each piece of Quimper is then initialed by the artist and marked Henriot Quimper to ensure its authenticity. Seignolles Porcelaine from Limoges, will not disappoint.