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The Museum concentrates on the traditional way of life of the Northern Sotho People.An archaeological site, dating from the 17th century consisting of complex stone walling forms a link with the museum.

She was loved and feared far beyond the boundaries of her small kingdom and, according to legend, many great kings have left her nation untouched and often called on her unique powers.

The name of the museum is derived as follows; Bakone - is the name of a local ethnic group / Malapa - means homestead.

In August they display the works of artists in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The museum also boasts two outdoors components, namely the Industrial Art Park (on the N1 north to Makhado) and the Bronze and Steel sculptures all over Polokwane, with the main focus on the City Plaza.

The Foundation started its work with two part-time craft artists and now employs 26 people on a full-time basis.

A huge escalation in orders resulted after publication of the book, Craft Art in South Africa published by Struik/New Holland Publishers and the Foundation was compelled to employ more people.In 1999/2000 the Foundation leased bigger premises and increased personnel, employees, and its marketing activities to UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Australia, Canada.In 2003 they were the Joint winner of the Nedbank/Mail & Guardian Cultural Project of the Year Award. A significant part of the Modjadji dynasty was formed by these cycads and the history of the Rain Queen is preserved in a small museum at the entrance to the reserve.12 000 Mature cycads (the Encephalartos transvenosus species) has thrived to become one of the biggest cycad forest in the world.Cycads are thought to have been around for maybe 50 – 60 million years, it is not certain how old these cycads are.The museum is open from to but closed on public holidays.