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These horns aren't held in as high esteem as the Zephyrs and Super 20's by collectors, but this often means nothing as far as playability is concerned. Now look at what these and comparable vintage horns go for.

It's not without its intonational quirks and awkward keywork, but overall is a decent horn. There is no doubting that Kings improved as time (and designs) progressed. For the time, the 1920's Kings were state of the art: Great workmanship, keywork, tone, engraving etc.I've played other horn makes and models from later periods, and with more coveted reputations that had far worse natural intonation. Selmer Bundy IIs (and simular type) if I am correct in remembering these are student modles .....You need to be more specific about this King alto for better replies.Vintage Conns are also highly regarded, the Shooting Star model among them.As far as the Conn Director "Shooting Star" horns: Much has been written on this forum (Conversations your's truly took an active part in) so I won't go into detail here. Anything in that model horn made after 1965 or so, I wouldn't personally touch with a ten foot pole, especially after 1970. I am just doing a lot of research so when it comes time to get either a Alto or SOP i have a little knowledge to work with .... White "King" horns from the early to mid 1920's through to the Super 20's.

Suffice to say that this later incarnation of the Pan American line is an intermediate horn at best, and those dating from 1955 or so to the mid 60's are O. All things being equal, definitely go with the King, and get it to a good vintage sax repair tech, as these horns need some crucial adjustments to play correctly, but sound and play great once it is done. Ask for the serial number, everything engraved around it and everything else engraved on the bell. Does it have opposing bell tone holes (low B and Bb), or are they both on the same side of the bell? thank you all, Robert Yeah, that's a student King Cleveland model made long after King's days of glory. Selmer Bundy IIs (and simular type) if I am correct in remembering these are student modles ..... The horn I'm referring to in this thread however is the first mentioned, the pre Voll horns.

So if that's a good example of one of these horns and assuming it's been well padded, regulated etc., that's not a bad price.

When they show up on e Bay in "I need an overhaul" condition, they can sell for as low as 0, but usually at or over the 0 mark.

N White "King" on the horn suggests their 1920's pre Voll/Voll True horns.

I have an alto version dated around 1925/26 (after a few improvements were made to the earlier version), and it sounds and plays wonderfully.

Did you like the look of the sax or of the girl Actually the Bundy 2 was a solid (like a tank) student horn - I would not hesitate to recommend it to any student today.