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You’ll need to how your typewriter’s serial number in order to date your typewriter.

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This awkward arrangement of letters was introduced on the Sholes and Glidden of 1874.

Many manufacturers introduced competing arrangements, but QWERTY won out, by force of habit.

When the Underwood was first introduced, it was only one of hundreds of competing and extremely varied typewriter designs. Later Underwoods were superficially modernized, but retained the same basic mechanism. 5" was even given to some of these later typewriters, in honor of the model that made the company's fortune.

But by 1920, almost every typewriter imitated the Underwood. Underwood, an entrepreneur who bought the company early in its history. The company was eventually bought by Olivetti, and in the early 1960s, the name "Underwood" finally disappeared from the typewriter world.

After the turn of the century, the diversity of species in the typewriter kingdom would never again reach the level of the 1890s. 5, you should enjoy its nearly-indestructible workmanship, classic design, and historic significance.

You should type on it, just to experience what it was like to be a typist in the days before electric typewriters and computers.

But ribbons are a little easier to care for, and need to be replaced less often.

(Smith-Corona introduced one of the best solutions in the 1960s: a cartridge holding a single-use plastic ribbon.) When we consider all these features, we can see that the Underwood was a compromise.

When most people think "old typewriter," they picture something much like the Underwood No. Appearing shortly before 1900, the Underwood established the stereotype of a typewriter until the introduction of the IBM Selectric in 1961. Millions of these machines were used by secretaries, journalists, government officials, and writers throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

Because this is the most successful typewriter design in history.

There were many attempts to solve this problem, but the frontstroke approach was probably the best.