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Try to make small talk with people and they’ll act like you have chronic halitosis.Attempt to cold approach any girl, including the fat ones, and they’ll treat you like you’re an axe murderer.Its Combined Statistical Area (CSA) ranks 17th with a population of 3,022,178.

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Additionally, they love dyeing their hair in ridiculous clown colors and cutting it short Skrillex-style.

If you regularly jack off to the BBW section of , you’ll be in hog heaven in Portland; guys who like slender, feminine women need not apply.

I relocated to Portland from my hometown of Syracuse, New York last year as part of a cross-country trip to see America and change my life.

While I like the place—there are a lot of cool people and things to do here—Portland is not a city for everyone, and it’s not a place you want to go to get laid. Seeing as I grew up in the snowiest large city in the U.

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Even waitstaff and cashiers treat you with a rudeness that would get them fired anywhere else in the country, because they think their master’s degree in Cephalopod Sexuality makes them superior to the They’ll have to explain why in other Portland-esque cities like Madison, Wisconsin or Burlington, Vermont, women—and people in general—are eager to chat up out-of-towners like myself.

Even in Williston, North Dakota, a city so overcrowded with men that fat girls are referred to as “Williston 10s,” hot girls were kinder and more polite to me than Portland fatties.

You’d think a city half-comprised of people from other states would be more welcoming, but nope.

Portland is hands-down one of the snobbiest and most cliquish places I’ve ever lived in.

Thanks to the mild winter weather and limp-wristed police force, PDX has a huge population of homeless people.