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Gordie Howe’s wife Colleen Howe was a remarkable woman.

There are as many as 120 Indian athletes that are participating.

India are looking to better their medal haul of six which they earned in London in 2012.

Following the diagnosis, she posted how grateful she is for the love and support from fans.

They married in 2010, and she found out about the cancer this year.

He had suffered two major strokes in 2014 but underwent stem cell treatment and had been doing better, according to his family.

The kids themselves are basically best friends with the sister of Sidney Crosby.In 1960-61, Dates scored 56 goals for Middlebury, the second highest college total for a season to that time, and still, as of 2009, bettered by only two other skaters.Here you can catch the full details on the schedule of Rio 2016 Olympics.It will be interesting to see how athletes go, both Indian and international.The Olympics will tell us more about the new benchmarks that the human body can set.PHOTOS: The Hottest Actors, Actresses and Athletes of 2012 It seems like it's only a matter of time before the two officially announce their coupledom, and they'll be in good company when they do.()This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's May 9 Fame Issue.