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Likewise, the Hacienda Luisita massacre in 2004 was when seven farmers died in the hands of PNP and AFP forces.And now, during her son’s reign, BS Aquino has avoided taking responsibility for the countless deaths during his term starting with the eight Chinese tourists who died during the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010 which was partly due to government incompetence in handling the situation.The number of cars on the road point to the lack of reliable public transportation. But the same can be said about their behavior during the Cory years.

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They cling on to the memory of the event partly because of the fiesta atmosphere and mostly because the event was anti-climactic.What followed the “success” of the EDSA revolution was disappointing.The President’s effort to appease the rebels was allegedly the reason he did not authorize the military to help the SAF troops who were under attack.His behavior – favoring the enemy more than his men – was tantamount to treason.Had Enrile and Ramos not defected from the Marcos administration, the military then would have probably dispersed the crowd even before their numbers reached a hundred.

Fortunately for those who took to the streets to support Enrile and Ramos, the military did not touch them.

BS Aquino’s government used illegal means like pork barrel funds and the so-called Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) to aggressively spend in a desperate bid to stimulate economic growth. If the next administration puts a hold on spending, it could negatively-affect economic growth.

In other words, the economic growth we are supposedly in the midst of is now unsustainable and merely for show while BS Aquino is in power.

The stories seem to be growing on trees lately and some of them are annoying because they omit the important role played by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile & former President Fidel Ramos in the lead up to the event.

Cory Aquino wasn’t even present during the three-day rally as she was said to be hiding in Cebu but her supporters keep crediting EDSA’s “success” to her.

I’m tired of reading stories from old farts about the so-called “people power” revolution that transpired at EDSA in 1986.