Dating questionnaire

The Dating Game can provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends, as well as provide creative new questions for you to use on dates.

Keeping the conversation going can be difficult if you are shy, or are dating someone who is self-conscious, so pulling out a few favorites can help you get through any uncomfortable moments.

I ain’t trying to get in your business but how many digits is your savings account; you don’t have to tell me an exact number? If I say I want to go to a nice dinner, which restaurant is most likely to pop into your head? It’s not even that it’s funny “haha,” it’s funny “so true.” I hope this helps all of you out.

Yeah, you probably think the same thing I do, Single Brown Female is pretty awesome. If you and I begin to date, will your ex put me in a position where I may be arrested for assault? Miguel: Adorn More music from Carver The Great can be found on his website: This guy has no idea what his position is at You can find his work at Single Black Male, Necole Bitchie's Bitchie, Buppiethe, The Book of Jackson, This Is The Dream.The 1960's television show The Dating Game featured three contestants who competed with each other for a date with a bachelorette.(The N-Code is when you have friends who interracially date, and you have to contemplate whether to violate and tell her she’s dating an old extra regular negro.) Anyway, I’m not trying to gas it any further. Is there anything you want to tell me up front so you don’t have to waste the next few minutes answering the remaining questions because you know damn well this will not work?

This is the “official” Dating Questionnaire, created to assist you in weeding out the lames and losers in your dating life. a) Speak the truth b) Make an excuse to go to the washroom and escape c) Wait to wash the dishes Q3. a) Having fun b) Looking for a life partner c) For adventure Q5.Suppose you go a blind date and find your date to be your ex, how would you react? If your blind date turns out to be a celebrity, what would your reaction be? He can't spell really good, and grammar isn't his strong suit, but he really appreciates you reading his posts for content, and content only. Kelis: I Hate You So Much Right Now (Caught Out There), 9. He has also published several guest posts at blog all around the blogosphere.The dating world is a great place for everyone; relationships are hard work, and marriages… In an effort to expedite your dating lives, I decided to post: “The Dating Questionnaire.” This questionnaire was written by a friend of mine; I found it to be hilarious.