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And that’s the whole goal of dating after all: to enjoy someone’s company in person.

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There’s much you can learn about a person in person, or even over the phone, that you can’t online.Tone of voice, facial expressions, and the eagerness or reluctance with which someone discusses a subject are all types of information that you can only gather by being there.Pace Yourself - You wouldn’t drop by your date’s office five times a day to say hi, so show some discretion in making virtual contact.Too much social media interplay can be annoying and make you appear needy.If you’re on the receiving end of constant virtual attention, it could be a flag for anything from over-eagerness to a personality disorder.

Decide how much contact you’re comfortable with and maintain that boundary.There’s no doubt that social media like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter make it easy to keep in touch with friends and family, promote your business, and follow your favorite topics.But like any other tool, social media work best when used wisely - especially when it comes to dating.Do you want every potential date to have access to that data?If not, now’s the time to tighten up your privacy on Facebook and Twitter, decide which Flickr photos you want to be private or friends-only, and think about whether Foursquare really needs to know that you’re down at the corner bar right this minute.And since he’ll be doing the same with you, once you add him, consider what you post.