Dating restaurants in nyc

Go stag to this quaint neighborhood spot, which has one of the best happy hour deals featuring a half dozen oysters and craft beer for .The staff will gladly recommend a fine brew to pair with your meal.

Grab a seat at one of the restaurant counters or take your order to go and dine at the communal tables.

Both options are conducive to mingling, so you won’t have to pretend to be on your cell phone the entire time you eat.

Upstate’s freshly prepared dishes -- including fettuccine with clams -- will satiate your appetite as you dine in the company of seafood lovers who are also in-the-know.

For late-night cravings, head upstairs to this popular Japanese yakitori spot.

Enjoy a unique solo dining experience at this beautiful, spacious restaurant led by Culinary Director Didier Elena.

Request to sit around the open kitchen -- specifically at the chef’s table in front of the chef’s pass -- for a spectacular view.Or, if you’d prefer to do just that, you can also take advantage of the free Wi-Fi while enjoying your solo eats.Open kitchens turn dinner into theater, and at this new location of David Chang’s two Michelin-starred Ko, you can have a front row seat to the show.Soloists will feel at ease at this stylish new wine bar, which offers over 25 wines by the glass, plus spirits and classic cocktails.Take a seat on a comfortable backed stool at the large bar, and make a quality solo meal out of small plates, charcuterie, and cheese.You’ll be able to watch and chat with Chef Nick Anderer and his team while they prepare your pizza in all of its glory!