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followed Haredi singles, their families, and of course their matchmaker Jaffa Parnes, for two years, as they went through the trials, tribulations, hopes and joys of finding their bashert.It was the first time a television series opened a window onto the ultra-Orthodox world of matchmaking.Although I really appreciate the opportunity to see those, it seems to me to go against Wikipedia rules of licensing photos...

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The show is not currently airing, but there is a documentary film in the works.

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In fact, I rather suspect that the reason nothing was said about the edit or the comment here at the time, was because the article actually reads better with that edit, despite the obnoxious rationale posted here on the talkpage. It was just a passing challenge of his assumption that "return" cannot possibly apply Bukharan Jews and which I stated here, in the talk page.

And as for my belief that they cluster with their neighbors, take a look at

This part of the article sounds biased, anti-Uzbek and anti-Islamic.