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Are the mainland chicks at least a little less conservative?

Sorry but your rant became impossible to take seriously once you mentioned Winston Wu.

Is it also common for women in mainland China to have this annoying habit of following your lead when you open them with daygame and following you around on instadates because they think it's rude not to respond to your lead and then never respond to your texts/calls later?

It's really irritating investing two hours in an interaction thinking you are on to something when the girl does not have a slight interest in you.

There are many foreign countries where young people are truly open and engaging - such as Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc. If you claim Asian societies "will never work like that", then you have to work on your game and/or you are not well-traveled around Asia.

There are places where you can do some numbers game and cold approaching in public and get laid the same day (I am not talking about hooker spots like some areas of Thailand). But no half-decent girl will want to be seen with an unkempt sweaty fat guy twice her age who has no idea about how to run a normal social interaction.

I find it hilarious how you put all the blame on the girls here, if you can't figure out if a girl is interested in you or not AFTER TWO HOURS then your game is shit, period.

You seem to be frustrated that Taiwanese girls are not jumping on your dick the instant you open them on the subway. Sorry but your rant became impossible to take seriously once you mentioned Winston Wu.They open up and relax in a miraculous fashion once they realize they're talking to someone fluent in Chinese. After you get the QQ number you can use the translation tools in the software.Check out her friends list and pipeline the shit outta them.I do not like to waste energy on women that do not appreciate my approaches and consider me a creep for approaching in public from the get-go.As about the Wu dude, I don't get all the crap he is getting.Lots of datasheets with specifics on how to approach or collect numbers correctly. Your accent could be causing them to be cold with you.