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That feeling of having the rug pulled from under you? Aside from the most obvious tips of not being hungover and getting up late, I've put together my 10 top tips for your wedding day. Eat a nice breakfast full of protein that will keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Imagine that feeling generated by the person you love most in the world. Potentially, brides can go long periods without any food so this is very important.

It doesn't matter if you have been with someone 12 days or 12 months, feelings can sometimes change in an instant.

Lola is a 20-something, attractive woman whose long-term boyfriend dumped her three years ago.In a text that didn't even display the courtesy of a spell check. She cried relentlessly (six times a day on an average) for months to follow.Whilst there's no denying that divorce is a hard path to take, it's certainly no failure.You know that feeling where someone you love has been lying to you? The other night I lay in bed with him and we petted with our clothes on. I have a very high libido and want sex very much physically, but I’m not ready emotionally.

We’ve been doing a lot of kissing and holding hands and just general touching.

This can make them think negatively about themselves and make it a very depressing day. You feel completely out of control and the sadness and agony is probably like nothing you have ever experienced.

What makes this situation more difficult is the fact that it's not just two people who have split, it's a family.

I was fourteen years old when I had my first 'boyfriend'.

What kind of relationship can you have at that age?

You have plenty to think about and talk about before you decide whether to take sex further with this partner. —Joan Would you like to see more questions and answers?