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These were actually premiums used to promote Bisquick baking mix and Wheaties cereal, according to This breakfast set includes a bowl, milk pitcher, and mug decorated with white decals depicting a young Shirley Temple in several different poses.Complementing the lovable moppet's wardrobe are a variety of period playthings and accessories — toy horse and long-eared pooch, hats, purses, jack-in-the-box, toy soldier, and more.

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But, composition tends to craze and crack when not stored properly, so only the examples that are in excellent to mint condition bring the highest values.

Rare or unusual outfits complete with an original doll can also add a good sum to the overall value.

Now for the beginning Shirley Temple collectors, if you want a Shirley Temple composition doll, I would suggest that you always get your first one with the markings (SHIRLEY TEMPLE printed on the head AND the back) on it (which will be explained a little later), that way you will be sure not to make the mistake.

The first Shirley Temple dolls were marketed in fall of 1934, at that time, "Stand Up and Cheer" had just come out, and Shirley was just beginning to gain popularity.

Temple may have stopped believing in Santa, the American public never stopped believing in her.

Like those featuring the Dionne Quintuplets, plenty of items now sought by collectors bore the image of the sweet-faced girl who churned out movie after movie throughout the 1930s and well into the ‘40s.Since they were widely distributed in mass quantities, a number of these glass pieces have survived over the decades since they were made.However, they were heavily used by the children they were intended for, and finding pieces with decals in great condition and unfettered in terms of chipping and cracking, especially the bowls, can be a bit more difficult than finding them in general. The decals on the reproductions are often whiter than those that have faded with age, and the detailing is not as good (although even the originals are a bit grainy in appearance).Because Ideal (the ONLY company licensed to sell the Shirley Temple doll) did not know how successful the dolls would be, the first dolls, the "prototype" doll, were not marked Shirley Temple, and were only marked on the inside of the head "(C) 1934 Ideal Novelty and Toy Co."(also might be marked just Ideal on the head), by my own observation, these dolls had chubbier cheeks than the Shirleys made later in production, probably because Shirley was so young, and chubby herself.These dolls are slightly more valuable that the later Shirley dolls.The early composition (a composite of glue mixed with sawdust commonly used to make doll heads and limbs from the 1920s through ‘50s) dolls had precious blonde curls and open-mouthed smiles.