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AMD is keeping a lid on the details - and prices - but says that fans won't have to wait until the end of the quarter (i.e.March 2017) to get their hands on Ryzen - then plan is to launch before then.

This is the key, or one of the keys, to competing with Intel processors.Previously AMD could only compete on performance at a much higher power consumption, because it needed to use a higher clock speed to do the same amount of work as the equivalent Intel Core CPU.See also: AMD vs Intel Update 6 January: At CES, AMD has revealed a few new details about the forthcoming processor launch.First and foremost, it won't just be the eight-core chip launching, but a whole range.It is possible that this date will be updated in the future, once the company announces the actual date.

AMD's new Ryzen processors are coming in a matter of weeks.One of the way it does this is by using a smaller manufacturing process: 14nm.This is nothing new - Intel has been using this process for a while now.It also said that: There is no exact release date for Ryzen yet (and there is certainly no word on pricing).However, AMD has said that the desktop versions (which, confusingly, have a codename Summit Ridge), will be available in Q1 2017.Ryzen will require a new motherboard because it is compatible with the new AM4 socket which includes DDR4 memory support.