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had a meltdown at the post office, im tring to keep strong for wait to see you, keep up the mental work honey, i know its hard. Name: Marilyn Daugherty (mom)Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMTo Sgt. Not sure if you have ever gotten to see any of these messages. We Need your UNIT/COMPANY INFO to be able to send mail & packages........ Name: michelle suggs Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMangelo rodriguez: hello mejo hows it going? tweety says misses claude and we love you,take care of shell Name: JAMES & FAITH DEVOREmail: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMPVT CHRISTIAN JAMES DEVOR.... May 1 is the National Day of Prayer in America........ I SIT AT THIS COMPUTER UNTIL I FALL TO SLEEP, HOPING THAT I WOULD RECEIVE GOOD NEWS WHEN YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO COME HOME.


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1820 The company were exporting saws to Europe and America. 1830 Samuel Jackson became a partner in the firm of Spear and Jackson.1851 Exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition and won a medal for their 5ft circular saw.Love, Diane Name: Mom Chance Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMSSG JON CHANCE: Dear Son, Hope all is okay with you. ' Manda isn't sporting a cast, but the orthopedic doc thinks a small bone is broken in her elbow. I REALLY MISS HER, BUT I DON' T WANT TO MAKE THIS A SAD DAY FOR YOU. JUST A SHORT NOTE TO SAY HELLO, AND THAT I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DEARLY. Jarod, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that Pine Crest is thinking of you and praying for you daily.Julie sez you're getting your snailmail now, so you should have tons of mail from all sorts of folks...including school kidlets. You know your sister -- she's taking the whole incident in stride. TODAY IS YOUR NEPHEW' S BIRTHDAY, HE TURNED 18 TODAY. SPEAKING OF TIME FLYING BY, IT HAS BEEN A MONTH SINCE YOU STARTED YOUR ADVENTURE, NO PHONE CALLS, NO LETTERS, AND MOST OF ALL NO E-MAILS. I'm gonna color on colorbooks ,not the TV's. We are not as panicky here on the home front since we have heard from you. I already have my next one packed but will wait another week or so before I send it. Remember to take care of yourself and Daron and I are working on having you a place to stay when you come home. LName: judy oakes Email: [email protected] Date: Tuesday April 29, 2003Time: PMFor Chris Oakes Hi Chris, hope everything is going ok for you.....would not believe how many people are keeping you in their prayers!!! I tried call your mom but i probably called at the wrong time. Your Dad keeps us posted and he was so excited yesterday and today to have received a letter from you this past week end. I would like to thank you on behalf of the Pine Crest family for the great sacrifice you have made in fighting for our freedoms and for what is right! I hope by now you have received the packages that we have mailed to you.:-) Oh, and Jez has a scrape on her leg and a little boo-boo on her head, but is okay. Lisa Ann Name: Pam Bak Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMto SGT. I SPOKE TO YOUR REAR DETACHMENT CPT HALEY, HE IS A NICE PERSON, I JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE YOU WERE STILL AMONG THE LIVING. Love your wife, Roberta Name: Aunt Bev & Uncle Gary Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: AMHi Richie Farquhar.are things in the sand tonight? We are heading to Port Huron this weekend so we will be checking in with your mom and dad. And grandma got me M&m's last night at the baskin robbins. Aunt michelle says hi, and I want you to come home and play with me and kennedy. me and kennedy and mommy love you very much!!!!!!!!!! leon says hell be going to bosnia girls said they want you home now. she sent you the postcard you got her with her drawing on it and her signing it too. mom Name: Lisa Noland Hall Email: [email protected]: Tuesday April 29, 2003Time: PMSPC Todd Noland 1/508 173D ABN BDE Hey little brother! Dad would like to hear from you also, but was relieved to know you called. Mom also sent you another package around that time so be ready. We miss you so much....sorry we are always missing your calls, but the time you call , we are either at work or steph's in school.....we'll connect soon - I promise. MOM , DAD AND STEPHName: lucinka Mundova Email: [email protected]: Tuesday April 29, 2003Time: PMfor SGT MICHAEL GRABSKI: hi my love. There have been several letters mailed also from the different classes.

Name: Uncle Rene Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMRoberto Fernandez III With 3rd Plt Eco, 2/503rd, Hello Robert Is your uncle again, I don't know if you are getting these E-mail or not, but juts in case you are, i just wanted to tell you that I was thinking of you constantly , and can't wait to see you again very soon. Geoffrey Evans 1/508 -- just wondering if you got my package yet. CPT HALEY COULD NOT TELL ME WHEN YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO CALL US (TEARS, LOTS OF TEARS). hugs and kisses PS:you better write us back or no tequila when you come home! crazy anna Name: sara Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: AMSGT ANDREW M. 173RD AIRBORNE Hey my love, I can't stop thinking about our phone call yesterday!!! We say all of them last month and met Kristy's boyfriend when we were there. FROM AMY, MOM, OLGAName: Kylie Herman Email: [email protected]: Tuesday April 29, 2003Time: PMto my daddy, HHC 1-508th. Kylie(sings) I wanna be an airborne ranger.:)Name: roberta weaver Email: [email protected]: Tuesday April 29, 2003Time: PMspc thomas hoover glad you called jinnene. We loved getting the pictures from the New York Times photographer. All the students here now have a new HERO and are all looking so forward to meeting you someday when you can get a leave and visit us.

you men have so much suppoort over here in San Francisco. Name: debbie Email: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMThis message is to SGT MICHAAEL S GRABSKI, HI HONEY, THIS IS FROM YOUR MOM. IF YOU CAN REMEMBER, ALL THE FAMILY WERE HERE AND WE WERE HAVING MOM' S WAKE.

i was so excited to hear from you honey, i called chrissyright away and she started to cry on the phone, remember the boxes are coming, and i wanted to ask so many ques, but i knew you didnt have much time. i will continue this tomorrow, my heart feels so much better. Love Mom Name: Julian and Peggy Grabski Email: Jul Peg [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMHello Mike, A Co. Everyone here is asking about you and we're all proud of what you guys are doing there. Love, Grandpa and Grandma Name: JAMES & FAITH DEVOREmail: [email protected]: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMThis Message is for PVT CHRISTIAN JAMES DEVOR..... Love, Mom & Dad Name: Steven Becker Email: [email protected] Date: Wednesday April 30, 2003Time: PMJordan Becker,geat to hear your voice. I DON' T WANT TO WORRY YOU OR MAKE YOU FEEL ANY WORST THAN YOU PROBABLY ARE. IF LOVING YOU WERE ICE-CREAM, THEN I WOULD BE THE ICE-CREAM MOM.

1973 Acquired John Peace and Sons 1985 Acquired by James Neill and Co 1995 The new company was renamed Spear and Jackson plc.

2007 Today, Spear and Jackson exports to 115 countries and has subsidiary companies in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.