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Sponsor the Teen Summit only or each of PADV's three major annual events with a single monetary contribution by purchasing a Bundle of Hope.Bundles grant you more sponsorship benefits and additional exposure among PADV’s vast supporter base.Check out the many Sponsorship Levels, Benefits and Bundles we offer! Click here for the written form.) Though there is no cost to attend PADV's Teen Summit, there is a cost to produce it.

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YUM couldn’t be any more perfect for a food blogger summit! Second Row (from left): Cynthia David – Cynthia David Blog, Caroline Edwards – Chocolate and Carrots, Me!

Even better, the mountains surrounding the Yuma area are called the Chocolate Mountains. As you can already tell, this was a food filled adventure! Third Row: Theresa Albert – My Friend in Food, Nicole Hamaker – Pinch My Salt, Kim Nguyen – Lovin’ From The Oven Back row : Alyssa Brantley – Everyday Maven, Jackie Bruchez – The Seaside Baker I arrived in Yuma to sunny skies at a warm 103 degrees and tons of Natural Delights goodies in my air conditioned hotel room!

Theresa (My Friend in Food) sorting through her pile of harvested Medjool dates. “The Big Six” Did you know that Medjool dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world?

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed they have been around for 8,000 years!

Once the dates fall onto the trays, they are checked and sorted depending on their ripeness.

As you can see the yellow date closest to the front is not yet ripe, the date in the center is only partly ripe, and the last one is just perfect.Natural Delights is now offering Snack Packs of Medjool dates and their super popular date rolls. I would definitely grab mini bags of fresh Medjool dates versus a bag of candy any day!Glen Vandervoort brought us freshly harvested medjool dates straight off of his tree for us to try during breakfast.All 250,000 Medjool date trees in Bard Valley can be traced back to “The Big Six.” Kind of amazing if you ask me!Me standing with one of “The Big Six” Medjool date trees. After frolicking in the date gardens, we arrived at Datepac, LLC., where all of Natural Delights Medjool Dates are packaged for you! Health and safety required us to wear these super chic hairnets and visitor passes while inside.We even got a chance to sort the dates and see if we could tell the difference between jumbo, large, extra fancy, fancy, mini, and confection.