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It was probably just the first excuse she thought of that wasn’t mean.She thinks she’s being nice if her rejection is phrased in terms of it being an issue with her, rather than outright telling you that she thinks you’re gross.Strangely, I’ve always been proud of my spotty track record – as if it was a badge of honor to pull the plug quickly, if only for the sake of integrity. Two very reasonable people might have completely different views on what is at stake in a relationship. What you’re looking for is a method to gauge things about men that they probably don’t even know themselves.

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So if you think you can figure out after a few months what a guy doesn’t know after a few years, let me know the trick.

All you can do is pay attention to the signs – a guy who won’t say he loves you, a guy who never talks about a future, a guy who has no interest in having kids… But only you can know when it’s time to cut bait with a guy who won’t step up to the plate.

Consider the philosophical differences between the serial monogamist and the serial dater. I’m a guy who has always broken up with women I didn’t intend to marry after three months.

It’s not that I wasn’t content in those relationships, but rather, that I felt that it was a) unfair to her if I already knew I didn’t have long-term intentions and b) unfair to me, because every day I spent with her was a day I wasn’t looking for my future wife. Did she know, at any point, that they were doomed to fail? What I am saying is that nobody wants to waste time on a relationship, but everybody has a different definition of what “wasted” time is….

I'm big on setting the tone with relationships.' She then provided some guidance for initial communications.'Sometimes, when I'm first talking to a guy, we both get shy, which makes it easier to text.

I like to show people how to treat me, so after we get the ball rolling, I'll start calling more to make it known that's what I want.' The touchy subject of who pays while on a date was also addressed, and Khloe offered up one of her trademark strong opinions.'Guy pays!It can be true that she’s not ready for a relationship.Maybe she has issues that she needs to work out on her own.Although no tip is foolproof, at least you’ll have a better idea of whether it’s welcome before you make the move.She's back on the dating scene following the finalization of her divorce from Lamar Odom back in December.But is there a way to find these important facts BEFORE you get involved with someone? Dear Susan, There’s a fine line that you have to walk in any romantic relationship. You want to be vulnerable, yet you’re trying to play it cool.