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Natural products, free of chemical additives and preservatives, change and mature with age.

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The link below refers to that thread and give you the information. The only reason I'm asking is that one tin has a real dark blue color and the other has a brighter shade of blue on it. They are distributed by Lane, so there is the digits on the back label too.I think that code is only on the older Orlik tins that were distributed by Lane Ltd. I remember having to peal off the rectangular lane sticker on some of the Orlik tins to uncover the numbers, some were in plain sight, and some didn't have a lane sticker and didn't have the numbers at all. Here is what I've discovered: TOP LABEL:- is only in grams (50 g)- states it is manufactured under the "authority" of Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited - 1A St.and placed very strict limitations on the use of natural additives.Out of these restrictions arose the traditional English blends, blends which derive their distinctive aroma and flavor from the natural properties of the tobacco as opposed to chemical additives.heh There was a thread here on T&P that I remember but can't find.

The link below refers to that thread and give you the information.

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But then my tin of OGS (all of these are make by Orlik tobaccos yes?